Montana's summer technology conference is back!

{ june 8th, 2024 }
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Big Sky Dev Con is a technology conference put on by Montana Programmers held each Summer in Bozeman, Montana. BSDC is dedicated to sharing knowledge with the Montana community about Software Development, Tech Business, Design, and User Experience. Join us this June in Bozeman for Big Sky Dev Con!
Big Sky Dev Con 2024: In-person event spotlighting local talent on June 8th, starting at 9:00 AM. Join us for six hours of live presentations. Videos will be posted after the event. Follow our social media and the MT Programmers Meetup Group for updates.


Carson Gross
Ryan Florence
Ken Wheeler
React type dude, performance connoisseur, award winning musician
Sam Selikoff
Sam Selikoff has been teaching frontend development for over eight years through his videos on Build UI, YouTube, and Egghead, as well as his podcast, in-person trainings, and conference talks. He's also a software consultant. Prior to working for himself, he was a frontend engineer at TED Conferences.
Jon-Michael Hartway
Garbage-man, software writer for 10 years.
Nathaniel Maile
Software Engineering Team lead @ Equifax, 7 year Professional Career in Back-end development, 80 or so software based streams on Twitch over the last 6 months.
Alex Petros
Alexander Petros is one of the core maintainers of the htmx library and a freelance software engineer. He previously worked as an Engineering Lead at The Washington Post, maintaining legacy full-stack web-services.
Adrian Hesketh
Adrian is a software engineering consultant, helping companies launch new products and services at big and small scales.
Anthony Alaribe
Anthony has over a decade of experience as a developer working on web applications. He spent many years building React JS applications and decided that even simple applications took too long to build, until he met htmx. He is the founder of the "APItoolkit API observability platform", and is passionate about optimizing developer productivity with tools like Haskell, Htmx and Hyperscript (The H3 stack).
Marcus Twichel
I am a computer science graduate from Montana State, and while finishing school I led the technology at City Brew Coffee. While there, I transformed their technology stack, including hand coding a new website, loyalty program, and mobile app, and installing a new point of sale system. Since leaving City Brew, I joined a consultancy called Very Good Ventures first as a Senior Engineer, and recently promoted to Engineering Lead. It is based in New York, though I work from home in Billings. We are the industry leaders in Flutter, an open source cross platform UI framework maintained primary by Google. While at VGV, I've gotten to work with companies like Toyota, Google, and Dutch Bros on building high quality software using Flutter.
Kenny Ketner
Kenny Ketner is the Information Products Lead at the Montana State Library (MSL), where he has worked since 2016. His team is responsible for application development and systems administration, frequently in collaboration with the GIS professionals at MSL. He has worked as a programmer since 1999, with roles in the private sector, public sector, and as a sole proprietor.
Jaron Jones
I work as a Data Scientist for ELM Companies in Missoula, Montana and also teach as an adjunct lecturer of computer science at the University of Montana. I have a masters in data science from University of California, Berkeley and primarly work on Enterprise GIS problems in that space. Outside of work I create models for companies that operate in the sports betting space, serve on the IT advisory board at the University, and have obtained every AWS associate certification.
Ben Damman
Ben Damman is the entrepreneurial full stack engineer behind His past includes Apple, Symantec, The White House, Google Fiber, Marriott, and California DMV.

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